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    Intelligent medical equipment will usher in a high growth period

    When the Internet + concept with the traditional medical treatment, health care enterprises how to realize the Internet +, has become the industry's keen to explore the problem. On this issue, member of China Democratic National Construction Association, Beijing City Kangtai Hass Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Sun Xi in an interview introduction: Internet + 'is from many aspects of the concept, technology and business model changing medical industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional medical enterprises, brings a new mode of operation, improve the level and efficiency. "
    Huizhi said, "" Internet + medical 'is not a medical industry is network to subvert, but Internet technology to the field of a medical service used. Medical care is the core, network technology is the tool, in particular should be "medical + Internet' more appropriate."
    Internet + medical devices driven by the rise of smart medical devices
    'Internet + medical' is not simply a tool for the Internet, but from the perspective of the Internet to look at the traditional medical industry, with the Internet's thinking mode, information technology to improve the traditional medical industry operation mode, make full use of the Internet, mobile client, to enhance the medical service, to open up a new market for traditional medical companies, do an incremental." Sun Xi think.
    At the same time, with the Internet, especially mobile Internet tools, medical institutions can quickly collect large data for medical research, disease prevention and control, health interventions, health insurance to provide data support, the use of cloud computing and deep learning's future can provide rapid detection analysis.
    The core of the Internet thinking is the consumer as the center, to provide consumers with the most convenient, thoughtful, affordable service, but in the medical field, consumers need a doctor's diagnosis and prescription, in order to determine the purchase of drugs and medical devices, so the Internet + medical treatment can not be subversive, but should be a powerful assistant medical.
    Huizhi to rain doctors, for example: our spring doctors to provide intelligent medical equipment, can be used to solve the problem of medical consultation in blood pressure, oxygen saturation, blood glucose and other related data real-time acquisition. Data will be transmitted to the doctor, in order to visualize the form and then present to the doctor, the doctor can view the data, interpret data, to provide users with the relevant medical information, so that patients can save the time to go to the hospital to do routine inspection. Patients in need can be real-time data transmission through intelligent medical equipment, even if the cross regional doctors and patients can also be easily consultation, no longer need to face with the doctor, sitting in the home can be directly communicated with the doctor." Sun Xi pointed out.
    Combined with the Internet + open up medical equipment sales channels
    Internet + medical, bringing a new way of medical treatment, but also to change the way the medical device sales, but there are some problems.
    Huizhi said: "the rapid development of China's economy, the disposable income of residents continued to increase and improve the standard of living and health consciousness enhancement. The aging of society and Empty Nester phenomenon is serious, for health care market has great potential. Young people have a strong sense of online shopping, but online shopping is still difficult for the elderly, medical devices can only be sold through pharmacies, channels are particularly scattered. If you go to the supermarket channel, one or two supermarket chains can almost cover the entire city, and pharmacies we may need to find eight to cover ten. So, these home medical equipment sales channels should be given a certain loose policy."
    Huizhi said: "Internet + health care ', the service is very important, although the state support for doctors to practice more, however, within the system of doctor difficult to concentrate in using the Internet to provide medical services, so the system innovation for the medical services of the Internet is also a challenge."
    With the Internet + medical market is gradually emerging, China's smart medical equipment market will usher in rapid growth, portable, wearable medical devices will quickly spread, from all aspects into people's lives, smart medical devices will become the next hot market.